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Can adult content be blocked at my location?

Yes, we can filter adult content if you do not want guests to access it while on your property. The adult content list is updated very frequently (usually daily). Simply open a support ticket and it can be activated for you.

Can I prevent employees from using the wifi?

Yes! You can block any device from being able to use your guest WiFi service. Simply login to our Smart WiFi Dashboard, find the Device and click the ‘Block’ button.

Can I see how many people are connecting at my location?

Absolutely, our Dashboard will show you all kinds of usage and guest statistics. If you don’t have your Dashboard credentials, contact our support department and we will get the credentials sent to you.

Do I have to have a sponsored page?

Depending on the plan that you select, the Hotspots are generally “sponsored” which reduces the cost for our host clients. Our ‘Customize” plan allows you to fully customize the guest WiFi experience with no sponsorship. Sponsored ads are only displayed once to your guests and are NOT intrusive or annoying.

Do you do the installation?

No, we do not perform installation services, however, our controllers are pre-configured for you and they are plug and play. Installation can be done in just a few minutes. Or, if you prefer, we are happy to talk about any of the details with your IT professional.

Is a Metro GoWifi network secure?

In a Zone location where GoZone has installed and/or supplied equipment for the network, we ONLY ship and recommend equipment with device isolation (figure 1). This means that NO device that connects to the WiFi network will be able to “see” any other device. In a typical public WiFi location, a user is given a password to connect. When the user connects to a network using a password and without device isolation, that user has access to “see” every other device on that network including POS systems, servers, printers, and other users (figure 2). The device isolation that is used in a Metro GoWifi network helps protect the network, and the guests that use the network.

Figure 1

Figure 2

How easy is it to install at my business?

It REALLY easy! We send you the Smart WiFi controller, completely configured. All you have to do it plug it into a power outlet and an available Internet port on your existing cable/DSL modem or ethernet switch.

How far will the signal reach?

We have several types of Smart WiFi controllers available. The standard controller can generally supply a good WiFi signal for a 2500sq foot business. We also have a higher-powered version available at checkout that can be installed outside or powered over Ethernet. It’s usually great for up to 4000sq feet. For a larger space, contact us and we’ll make sure that you have plenty of coverage using multiple controllers.

Can I use my own equipment?

Yes you can! If you already have WiFi equipment installed, you can connect it to the back of our Smart WiFi controller and we also integrate with MANY controllers. Contact us for specific details and hardware compatibility. Our Dashboard works great with controllers like: Mikrotik, Open Mesh, Ruckus, Aruba, Cisco Meraki, Open WRT, DD-WRT.

Can you also handle large venues like casinos, stadiums, airports or events?

Absolutely. Contact our sales department for specifics on our High-Volume venue pricing.

Can you also handle large venues like casinos, stadiums, airports or events?

Yes, we offer a mobile/portable version of our service which is great for food trucks, buses, fleets, etc. Please visit this page.

I want a mobile smart wifi hotspot - What else do I need?

Our plans include a smart WiFi controller that will supply all of the cool marketing functions like branding, data collection, automated e-mails etc. You will simply need to tether our controller with a standard “hotspot” from a mobile carrier. You will need a data plan add-on from your carrier and we recommend an LTE connection only. The carrier-supplied Hotspot should be capable of USB tethering. Check with your carrier to select the best plan and USB-tethered device.

Here are examples:
Verizon Jetpack MiFi6620
AT&T Unite Hotspot


We will meet or beat ANY competitors bid on your merchant processing. If we cannot, we will waive our early termination fee AND we will send a check in the amount of $500.00 on your behalf to your favorite charity.

Guest Questions:

Can I get Metro GoWifi at my house?

At this time Metro GoWifi does not install at residential locations.

Can other people see my device on the network?

No. Our equipment isolates devices and traffic. You can’t see anyone else, and they can’t see you.

Do I have to click on an ad to use Metro GoWifi?

Many of our Metro GoWiFi locations are sponsor-supported and we ask that you patronize our advertisers. However, to connect you only need to click the ‘CONNECT’ button.

Do you monitor what websites I have been to?

No. Our system only counts the number of times a user has clicked on one of our sponsor advertisers. It does not attach any identifying information to that click.

Do you collect my email address or send spam?

In our Community GoZone locations you are given the option to opt-out of supplying your e-mail address or other personal information. In other locations you may be required to enter your e-mail address or login to a social media page to use the free WiFi amenity. In this case, the host location does have access to that information. Metro GoWifi will never sell your information or SPAM you.